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AvicennaCare feel proud to be a part of a national effort to improve healthcare and have committed to transforming our practices into Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH).This means our medical practice is providing with responsive, higher quality, personalized health care and making it easier for you to get the care, information and assistance you need, when you need it. We’re looking forward to providing you with more personalized and better coordinated care by working as a team.

Over the past 04 decades, we have provided quality health care for our Manhattan population. Our physicians are competent and have years of experience providing top-notch primary, dental and specialty health care.

Currently, most of our doctors are still accepting new patients. We also have the latest and most advanced medical facilities is the area. Our high tech staff expedites our patients’ diagnosis and treatment.

  • Our website has been made for you the "patient' to browse and access your health information as well as get free educational information.
  • Our practice is also Recognized as a Diabetic Care Center, we have received a national recognition for providing excellent diabetic patient care.
  • Our practice is also working on being nationally recognized as Health Stroke Prevention Care center.

If you do not have health insurance please call our practice and one of our financial advisors will be able assist you in seeing if you qualify for one of our financial assistance programs for un-insured, under-insured and low income individuals.

Please review our sliding fee schedules and download before your next appointment. Thank You!

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