Afshan Haque, DDS


565 West 125th Street New York, NY 10027

Our Services

Professional Cleanings:
We polish and brighten your smile using ultrasonic cleaners and gentle polishers. Come in every six months to keep your smile bright and healthy.
When decay breaks down your tooth enamel, a filling is necessary to repair it. Beautiful, natural white fillings help restore your tooth to its original function and appearance. Be sure to get these done in time to avoid future problems.
Family Dentistry:
We care for the entire family, children and grandparents, aunts and uncles. We are confident that our services will exceed your expectations.
Sometimes the damage to tooth enamel is so severe that a simple filling can't do the job. In this case, we provide natural looking porcelain crowns or caps to save teeth.
Tooth pain? Call us day or night. Our after hours phone line will ensure that your needs are addressed. We are here to help you feel better.
Missing a tooth? Implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth. Call us to set up a consultation to learn how implants can help you look and feel your best.
Root Canal Therapy:
While this procedure has a bad rep, it is sometimes necessary to relieve your tooth pain. Our experienced team will help you get through this procedure with minimal discomfort.
We use a gentle bleaching technique that delivers real results! Call to set up a free consultation today.
Teeth grinding can wear out your enamel and cause headaches and joint pain. Our expert team can create a custom guard for you to help relieve these symptoms and protect your tooth enamel.
Call us to find out how to make comfortable and natural looking dentures to replace your missing teeth.