We are

Our office has been providing quality health care service for the uptown Manhattan area for 40 years. Established in 1975, we operate under the philosophy that, “The people are our future, and the preservation of their health is our duty”.

Dr. M Haque Sr is a pediatrician and his son Dr. M M Haque is and internal Medicine doctor their approach to practice centers on partnering with their patients and the patients family to find the optimal health-care solution.

Dr. M M Haque holds certifications from the American Board of Internal Medicine and is a member of professional organizations including the American Professional Wound Care Association and the American Academy of Wound Management.

Patients visiting the office can receive a full range of medical services. We provide annual physical examinations, skin screenings, cardiovascular screenings, prescriptions, refills and general consultations. Treatment is available for issues including migraine, vertigo, high blood pressure, ear infection and allergic cough.

Unlike, most practices and clinics we firmly believe that just prescribing drugs is not the way. We take the time to properly diagnose our patients and determine whether or not the patient needs medication or further evaluation or a referral to one of our or another specialist.

We also have the latest and most advanced medical facilities in the area.